Saturday, 20 October 2007

Beatles - Royal Variety Show 1963

Anyone remember this classic clip from the 1963 Royal Variety Show when John tells the people in the cheap seats to clap and the rich folks to rattle their jewellery?

It is also notable for the fact that you could actually hear them sing - From Me to You - which in itself was a rare occasion at a live concert.

Sounds Incorporated - William Tell Overture

Cracking clip of one of my favourite groups of the Sixties, playing their hit version of the William Tell Overture.
Alan Holmes (Boots)

David Glyde (Griff West)

John Gillard (John St.John)

Barrie Cameron (Baz Elmes)

Dick Thomas (Wes Hunter)

Richard Anthony Newman (Tony Newman)

'Sounds Incorporated's own UK success with singles was very modest in comparison to their reputation as live musicians, but they managed two minor hits while still with Epstein. Through this association they soon found themselves backing Epstein's stars and can even be heard on the Beatles track 'Good Morning, Good Morning' from the 'Sergeant Pepper' album. They also opened the Beatles legendary show at New York's Shea Stadium.

Their greatest success was actually in Australia where their 'William Tell' went all the way to the #1 spot- despite passing almost unnoticed at home! However, as the 1960s progressed the group began to disintegrate. First off, Tony Newman joined Jeff Beck's group and later went on to work with David Bowie. He was followed by Barrie Cameron who wanted a career in A&R. The rest of the group soldiered on, mainly playing in Australia, until 1971 when they finally broke up to each pursue new musical careers.

The Shadows - FBI (1961)

Another fabulous Shadows clip from 1961 with their original line-up.

This time it was a TV appearance on Children's TV programme Crackerjack

Les Paul and Mary Ford - Multitracking 1953

Rare footage of the multi-tracking maestro from 1953

Rolling Stones - Shindig (1965)

Rory Storm and the Hurricanes

Rare footage of the group Ringo left to join the Beatles

Thursday, 18 October 2007

Cliff and the Shadows - Move It

This looks (and sounds) like a very early version - possibly 1960

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Crazy Rockers - The Carioca (1963)

There were quite a few very good Dutch Indo-rock bands out there in the Sixties.
This is one of them - the Crazy Rockers - recorded in 1963

They were a rock & roll group from The Hague featuring members of Indonesian and Surinamese origin. This group existed from 1961 'til 1966; mostly touring in Germany. Members: Harry Berg (first dr, later g, ex-Real Room Rockers, to Dick Scott & Barons), Eddie Chatelin (v, g, ex-Real Room Rockers), Woody Brunings (v, g, to Residents), Pim Veeren (b, ex-René & Alligators, to Residents) and Sidney Rampersadt (first v, later dr, ex-Black Dynamites). By the end of 1965, Sidney was replaced by Boy Brostowski (dr, ex-Danny & Favourites, to Dick Scott & Barons) and the group was also expanded with keyboardplayer Jack van Rossum (to Dick Scott & Barons). In 1964, Eddie made a few singles with his own group Eddy & Crazy Jets Show.

Shocking Blue - Venus (live)

Spotniks Theme

Jumping Jewels - Can Can 64

Dusty - I only want to be with you

Cliff Richard - Bachelor Boy